Deaf Hiker Drops 300 Feet But When They Find Her She Isn’t Alone

Amelia Milling, a deaf woman from Tennessee isn’t afraid of challenging herself. While most people her age love staying at home and playing with their smartphones, she likes adventure. So, she decided to go on a three-day hike in Alaska – one of North America’s toughest landscapes.

Unfortunately, while climbing a mountain in Alaska by herself, she lost her balance and fell down the side of the snow-covered mountain. She slid more than 300 feet before she crashed into a boulder and then slid another 300 feet. Luckily, she didn’t break any bones and could still walk. Amelia even found a “guardian angel” in her path: a white Alaskan husky dog named Nanook.

At first, she thought that was a white wolf. Amelia was worried because wolves can attack people. However, when the white canine came closer, Amelie saw that it was wearing a collar. He is a trail guide dog that worked on the mountain finding lost hikers and bringing them back to the trail.

“When I first saw Nanook… I thought he was a wolf. Then I saw the little collar and realized he was there to help me.”

Nanook didn’t go anywhere, he helped Amelia find the trail again and stayed with her all night. He even pulled her out of the water by her backpack straps when she unsuccessfully crossed through the freezing waters of Eagle River Crossing.

“I realized he really was sticking with me when he greeted me in the morning when I unzipped my tent,” Amelia said. “He had stayed the entire night next to me.” He offered more help, too.

Amelia had a GPS transmitter so she could send a signal if anything happened, and she finally decided to activate it for aid. The signal was picked up by the local rescue service Alaska State Troopers, and then a rescue helicopter arrived to deliver her to safety, with Nanook by her side.

Although the rescuers helped her come back home, she claims that Nanook is her true hero. “I believe the dog is a guardian angel. I told him several times that I love him and I’ll never forget him.”

Watch this video to hear Amelia’s story with Nanook:


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