Baby Cow Escapes Slaughterhouse And Is Adopted By Family Of Wild Deer


Meet Bonnie the cow, this adorable white and brown cow now lives a happy life at the Farm Sanctuary, New York. But it was a long, frightening yet magical road to get here.

When Bonnie was just a calf, only 4 months old. Her home at the time was a farm for slaughter, she didn’t have a future and she knew it, writes kingdomstv.

It was actually the desperate cries of her family which prompted her to flee her home, while her owners were busy loading up a trailer, Bonnie took the opportunity and fled into the nearby forest.

Word quickly spread of Bonnie’s brave escape, although people would spot her on occasion, nobody was able to actually capture her.

Bonnie remained at large for a number of weeks which led many to be amazed at how this farm animal was able to survive on her own in the woods during the winter season.

They soon found the answer, she wasn’t alone.

It was discovered by some cameras set up by hunters in the forest. They saw that Bonnie was surrounded by a herd of deer.

Bonnie had found solace in the herd, and it seemed like they accepted her as one of their own. They stuck together, ate, and even rested all as a herd.

Bonnie was on animal lover Becky Bartels land one day and Becky knew that Bonnie needed all the help she can get to get through the harsh winter.

So every day, she would trek through the snow and bring Bonnie a sled full of food and bedding. Bonnie was still terrified of humans but eventually warmed up to Becky and allowed her to pat her.

It was like something out of a fairy tale, but Becky knew it was only temporary, especially since her neighbors threatened to kill Bonnie if she wandered on their property.

This prompted Becky to reach out to the Farm Sanctuary, who are a non-profit dedicated to rescuing and caring for abused farm animals.

They help by providing them a loving forever home where they can actually relax and enjoy a long happy life.

So the Farm Sanctuary sent a rescue crew out to pick up Bonnie and take her to her new home. It took a number of attempts but eventually, it was a success.

Bonnie adjusted pretty well after eight months in the wild with her deer herd. She made friends and is constantly showered with all the affection she deserves.

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