Lions and Tigers ev.acuated from Ukraine and taken in by Dutch sanctuary

Severely Traumatized" Lions and Tigers Evacuated From Ukraine and Taken In  By Dutch Sanctuary - The Animal Rescue Site News

These people are angels sent from above. They are putting their own safety to save these animals. ??❤❤

After a str.essful journey in Ukraine, two lions and tigers are safe at a big cat rescue facility in the Netherlands.
As (Russian fo.rces) continue in Ukrainian cities, brave rescuers are [ri.sking] their lives to save animals -including lions and tigers.

UAnimals, an animal welfare organization in Ukraine, is providing pet food and [] assistance as well as helping ev.acuate animals.
And two tigers, six foxes, three raccoons, six cats, two dogs and two male lions safely arrived at the Poznan Zoo.

The lions and tigers were then transported to the Stichting Leeuw (The Lion Foundation) in the Netherlands who placed the [se.verely tr.aumatized] animals in (qua.rantine).
Robert Kruijff, director of the (fou.ndation) told: We will do our best, and we will give them all the love and care, good food and [me.dicine] and our [ve.terinarian] will come and ( them.
But they need a lot of time to recover…?

The male lions are settling in, and one has even started to eat. The 6-month-old male tiger is slowly getting used to his new surroundings, while the 5-year-old tigress is in the (wo.rst condition).
The most important thing is that they now first recover from this intense (ex.perience and jou.rney).??

For all that have put their own safety on the line to save these inn.ocent animals…!

Thank you heroes for helping these precious ones ❤️❤️❤️

Glad they are safe, it’s sa.d these inn.ocent animals have to go through this…!?

Thank God… Sending prayers ???❤️❤️❤️ Amen?


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