People Are Adoring This Video Of A Rabbit Munching On A Snowman’s Carrot Nose

It’s winter, therefore snowmen are everywhere, and it turns out that not only children, but also other cute animals like deer and bunnies, are delighted to see them. Only the perspective is different, because these fuzzy fellows adore them for their gorgeous orange nose, not for the amount of snow they’re composed of. Who can blame them, after all?

So, when this family from the Cambrian Heights neighborhood of Calgary, Canada, built a snowman in front of their home, they assumed the sun would be its only foe, but they were completely mistaken. It wasn’t long until a small lovely thing discovered the Bryant family’s snowman and chewed its nose. Of course, the family had no choice but to entertain themselves and photograph the charming scenario.

Anyway, the Bryants had no idea the little film would garner so much attention online, but it quickly became the talk of the town once Sheila Bryant shared it, with viewers falling in love with the fairytale-like scene. While recording the hungry rabbit biting on the poor snowman’s nose, the family can be heard saying, “Just giving the snowman a kiss.”

According to reports, this isn’t the first time a bunny has attacked a helpless snowman and removed its nose. This sort of thing happens so frequently that someone even created a poem about it.

The poem begins, “There was a small snowman with a carrot nose.” “A rabbit appeared, and what do you think happened? That hungry small rabbit, on the lookout for a snack, ate the nose of the little snowman! Nibble, nibble, crunch!”

Take a look at this:

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