12-year-old builds LEGO wheelchair for unwanted puppy so she can enjoy life

A tiny two-legged puppy got a second chance to life, thanks to the kindness of a 12-year-old boy. The ingenious kid used LEGO pieces to build a wheelchair for the hopeless dog, so she can run, and restored our faith in humanity with their inspiring story!

Life was very unfair with Gracie, a one-year-old adorable puppy. Born without her front legs due a birth defect, Gracie’s journey into this world seemed already impossible, but things got even worse. Unfortunately, when she was just a few-weeks old, her human parents gave up on her, and the helpless puppy ended up into a shelter.

Despite everything, little Gracie overcame all the obstacles. Always friendly and sweet, the adorable puppy went straight to the shelter owners’ heart. The Turley family Kennesaw, Georgia, fell in love with Gracie the moment they have met her and decided to adopt her. These kind people were already knowing how to deal with a special needs puppy as they also adopted a three-legged and a paralyzed dogs. Nonetheless, they were a bit concerned of how Gracie would walk without hurting herself.

The help came from a boy who volunteered at the shelter. Since Grace was still growing, she needed a wheelchair able to adapt. So the 12-year-old Dylan came up with a brilliant solution. He builded a very special wheelchair out of LEGO, and it exceeded all the expectations. Gracie has now the chance to enjoy her life, just like a normal puppy!

“The first couple of times, it took her a minutes to figure it out,” Tammy Turley told THE DODO. “However, we ended up getting little pieces of hot dog and when she smelled those, she took off.”

More about this story in the video below!

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