Rescued Lion Wants To See Savior One Last Time Before He Breathes His Last

We may have heard many stories about the gratitude of animals for their saviors. Some of that can make us cry and completely change our minds about animals. The story I’m telling below will somehow give you have a better understanding of wildlife animals. For me, this is one of the most touching love demonstrations in animal-human interaction.

Ana Julia Torres is responsible for taking care of animals in Villa Lorena, an animal refuge. There are around 800 animals in Villa Lorena, but she has a special affection for Jupiter the lion.

Most of the animals in the refuge have been abused by previous owners. They were lame or lost limbs; they were blind or lost an eye. Jupiter the lion is not an exception. He had been abused for years before he was rescued from the circus. At that time, the poor animal had his claws removed, lost trust in humans, and even developed a phobia of human contact. Jupiter came to Ana and was taken care of by her. Finally, his phobia went and Jupiter became a healthy lion again.



Unfortunately, all healthy lions were transferred to the Los Caimanes zoo in Monteria. Jupiter was forced to remove from Ana’s care because of her reported lack of documentation to keep the lion.

The lion rapidly lost weight in the Los Caimanes zoo and became very unwell. To save his life, Jupiter was transferred to Cali zoo where he could be received better treatment from vets. And also, this place is closer to Ana. He was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer and anemia and he wanted to see his beloved savior for one last time.

Jupiter passed away in 2020, but he remains in our hearts.


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