Wolf Howling Stray Puppy Looking For Mom Was Rescued From Garbage Dump

Hardy's story - Wolf howling stray puppy looking for mom was rescued from garbage  dump/ Full Video - YouTube | Puppies, Dogs and puppies, Animal rescue

Hardy was a stray puppy founded searching for food in a garbage dump. He kept howling just like a wolf, maybe was calling his mom or siblings. But as rescuer waited for some time, no other dogs apeared. After a full meal of meat, he was taken home for the first bath. In the days that followed, Hardy was restless and seemed to be looking for his mother. When he was taken to an area near the garbage dump, he showed interest in this particular environment. This is probably where he used to live. He kept searching around and insisted on staying here and refused to leave. But his mother never showed up. Finally, he chose to go back with me. The good news is that under careful care, Hardy finally walked out of the shadow of losing his mother. He is living a peaceful new life in a warm adoptive family. Please watch the video

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