Puppy Swimming Alone In Middle Ocean Is Rescued As Boater Finds Him And Immediately Jumps Off-Boat

Boaters Leap Into Water To Rescue Dog Swimming Alone In Middle Of Ocean –  TodayHeadline

A heart-wrenching moment has been captured as a group of friends boating offshore the Florida coast saved a stranded dog swimming alone in open Atlantic water. Among the friends was Dylan Brian, who immediately went off-boat to grab the terrified white dog and take him to safety.

In a Tiktok video filmed by Bryn Crowell, people were seen shouting ‘quick grab him’ and ‘get him in the boat’ after they were aware of what happened. The video was shared with a caption: “My friends and I saved a dog we found swimming alone in the middle of the ocean.” Watch it here

Taken to the boat, the dog seemed in quite a good condition, shaking off his body to remove the water, while other members of the team were trying to warm him up.

The dog, later known as a Jack Terrier Russell, carried a collar around his neck. The collar told his name, Zuko, who got lost from his owners while they were reaching out to the sea on another boat. Thanks to the collar, the friend group was able to locate Zuko’s owners, who were staying 15 minutes up the coast. Fortunately, the dog could reunite with its owners after that.


We called the number on his tag, went 20 minutes to the next inlet, and returned him. The owners were crying and thankful he was safe, gave us $300 for gas to get there and as a thank you,” Bryn Crowell explained under his post. “Was 100% not staged and we are happy we saw him and were able to save him.”

According to the owners, they were enjoying the cruise when the curious Terrier noticed something in the ocean and jumped into it. When they realized, it was too late because the dog had swum far away from their boat. They were thankful to find the dog and promised to be more careful the next time. Here is what they texted the group of friends.

At the time of writing, the viral video has attracted 13.2M views, 1.4M likes, and thousands of comments from netizens. People are complimenting the brave man who leaped into the water to help the poor dog and his friends.

This was staged,’ one person commented. ‘The dog would’ve been too tired to stand if he were “found” there even 15 minutes after he was supposedly abandoned.’

Another was more sympathetic, writing: ‘Right place at the right time. Thank goodness.’

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