Mom Offers Baby Delicious Food So That He Says ‘Mama’, But Her Dog Says It Instead


Parents teach their children in many ways, the most common one should be ‘rewarding’. This means that parents would encourage their children with rewards and gifts if they accomplish a task. This method is more efficient with younger kids. So when this mom in Utah is offering a treat to her toddler, it ends in a cute way.

The kid, 2-year-old Sam, might be in his time learning to talk. So in his meal, the mother tried to convince him to say ‘mama’ and promised to give him some food in return. However, the boy didn’t seem to make an effort, even though the woman was moving the food in front of him

Patch the Australian shepherd, eventually, was the one to say it. He was interested in the tasty food, and obviously more responsive to it. The smart pup soon realized what his mom needed, and he said ‘mama’ so that he could have the treat. But it came to everyone’s surprise that Patch didn’t say it once but three times. The family members were left open-eyed.

At the end, when the dog was rewarded with the delicious food, Sam was a bit jealous pushing the dog away, and people laughed over his naive reactions. The adorable footage is viewed more than 14M times on Youtube. Watch it now:

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