Fisherman Feeds Large Flock Of Bald Eagles, He Can`T Believe His Eyes When He Looks To The Left

If you’ve ever fed a group of pigeons or seagulls, you’re definitely aware of how greedy and pushy they can be.

Indeed, seagulls have been seen grabbing goodies from tourists’ hands, and pigeons are not hesitant about demanding their treats too.

In a video shot from Dutch Harbor, Alaska, a fisherman demonstrates that bald eagles are far superior to their smaller avian counterparts by tossing handful after handful of shrimp onto the deck, which the gigantic birds of prey devour.

Bald eagles are magnificent creatures. With a weight range of 7 to 14 pounds and a wingspan of 6 to 8 feet, these predatory predators are not to be trifled with.

They know they’re in for a treat as the fisherman climbs onto the deck of the fishing boat with a metal bowl full with shrimp. Initially, the spectator notices about ten birds spread on the dock.

They fight and leap over the shrimp, but each eagle gets a turn grabbing a nice morsel. When the camera pans to the left, the audience is surprised to see at least a dozen more birds perched on the boat railing, followed by even more bald eagles posing on the ship’s mast!

The other eagles don’t seem to mind that the fisherman didn’t bring enough shrimp for everyone.

They undoubtedly sneak a bite or two from the fisherman’s daily catch nonetheless, as all of the birds appear to be well-fed.


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