“I’m OK In Heaven”: Woman Meets “Her Dog” On The Sky Hours After It Passed Away

I'm OK In Heaven": Woman Meets "Her Dog" On The Sky Hours After It Passed  Away

On June 20, a woman shared a heartwarming moment her deceased pet come to see her the last time in the sky several hours after it passed away. In the post that attracted 95K likes on Twitter, the woman provided a picture of her dog, Sunny, who died at 14, and a photo of the cloud that looked like Sunny’s face.

Sunny the Parson Russell terrier dog was rescued by Lucy Ledgeway when she was about one year old. She was a funny and loving dog but suffered a lot of health issues. Last year, the dog started taking insulin after being diagnosed with diabetes. It was 13 months before she finally suffered severe seizures and passed away in Lucy’s father’s arms

Lucy told that she and her boyfriend accidentally found the cloud while they were driving through Clifton Ings. This was Sunny’s favorite place whenever she went out for a walk. That moment brought her inner peace and comfort as she knew ‘her girl’ was letting the family know that she was OK in heaven.

Her boyfriend couldn’t believe his eyes, sharing that it was a special moment “they’ll always treasure”..

After Sunny’s inspiring vision was shared, Lucy couldn’t expect that her story took it by storm on the Internet. Thousands of dog lovers sympathized with her. View the full post here.

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