A Starving, Undernourished Doggie Gave Birth on The Side of The Road, All Alone Doomed To a Sad Bestiny But Luckily She Was Rescued With Her New Born Puppies.

While hiking up a trail, a couple heard loud cries for help. They tried following where the sound came from and shockingly discovered an abandoned mama dog giving birth to tiny puppies.

To the rescue
The couple didn’t know what to do next. After some brainstorming, they remembered their friend Thom who loved fostering rescue dogs.

Thom went to the scene and was devastated when he saw the mama dog’s state. The dog looked malnourished and very timid around humans.Thom decided to foster the mama dog and her three babies temporarily. He named the mom Ruby and three dogs Jax, Kirby, and Tito. On their first day, Thom made sure to check up on everybody. He wanted all of them to be safe and healthy.

Ruby had a hard time trusting Thom and often kept her distance. Thom kept trying to play with the puppies, but he knew they needed a lot of rest.

Whenever the puppies were napping, Thom spent his time getting to know Ruby. He tried to give her a lot of attention each day.

After three weeks, the puppies were all up and active. Jax, Kirby, and Tito loved running around the house and playing with one another.

All the dogs enjoyed going outdoors, so Thom made sure to take them on regular walks. The puppies stayed inside a wagon while Ruby followed them from behind.

Destiny calls
Two months in, Ruby was utterly attached to Thom. Wherever he went, Ruby followed. All of the dogs were thrived and grew bigger. Thom was so happy, and he knew that they were all ready to get adopted.

Thom found the perfect home for each of the puppies. Luckily, Tito was adopted by Thom’s next-door neighbor, so the little puppy still got to visit his mama dog.

Thom knew that Ruby was already in her forever home. He loved the mama dog very much and thought she was the perfect dog for him.

Watch the heartwarming story below:

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