Man Buried In Snow Films A Dog Saving Him In Video That Has Been Stealing People’s Hearts

Getting lost in a remote wilderness can be dangerous and frightening. That’s why there are always organizations and rescue teams based in mountains, hills, forests, and beaches to help people in need. This organization, however, is a little special. Its volunteers are mostly dogs trained to assist humans that get into trouble when they go to the wild.

“Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England” provides their dogs with 132 days of training each year, and consistently trains the dogs for 2-3 years until they are ready for work.

Dogs are taught to rescue people in various terrains, including mountains or forests, and in different kinds of weather, whether it’s rainy or snowy.

Recently, the organization has posted a video that captures one of their trainees, 4-year-old Flo, practicing to rescue a human buried in snow.

The clip shows a volunteer attached with a camera staying under the snow and waiting for his rescuer to find him. And, it didn’t take long for the light of hope to burst through the snow barriers.

Flo tried her best to destroy the wall of snow with her body, approached the man, and took him out of the snow. She was skillful and experienced. We can be sure that she’ll be able to provide help for victims in real situations.

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