20-Year-Old Dog Can’t Sleep Without Cuddling Her Stuffed Banana

When we were children, we used to hug stuffed toys or pillows to sleep because it reassured us and calmed us enough to sleep. Just like us, our canine friends love playing and sleeping with stuffed animals. Even when they get older, they still like to snuggle and cuddle with their cozy and comfortable toys.

Meet Tessa, a 20-year-old terrier mix who is always devoted to her mom and those she loves. But everyone in her family know that no matter how much she loves them, they can’t compete with her toy banana.

Tessa has formed a strong bond with her toy banana for 5 years. Shanna Loren, Tessa’s mom, gave her this banana after her previous favorite toy was destroyed by a foster dog. It is a simple stuffed toy, but to Tessa it’s special.

“I found it in a clearance bin at a pet store but I knew it was the size of toys she likes,” Loren told The Dodo. “She immediately took to the banana the moment I gave it to her.”

Now, whenever someone visits the house, Tessa will proudly show off her precious toy. “She wants people to acknowledge it’s special too before she will go put it down,” Loren said. “And when she puts it down, she puts it in whatever bed she considers best.”

“We instruct guests to tell her that they saw her banana so she can go lay back down,” Loren said. “It’s funny now that she’s deaf to have our friends yelling at her, ‘I LIKE YOUR BANANA, TESSA!’”

Senior dogs may not like play and sleep with toys because they start to slow down, and their senses start to dull. But for Tessa, she will show you that you’re never too old to cuddle with your favorite plushie. What a cute dog!

“She’s never once allowed it to be a ‘play toy,’” Loren said. “It’s her one little possession and it’s her life.”

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