Man Saved Seriously Injured Fox And Found His New Best Friend

A red fox named Cropper was found on the side of a road and rescued by The Fox Project in Turnbridge Wells in England. Due to being badly injured and ill (toxoplasmosis), the rescue could not let him return to the wild. For this reason, they just had two choices: put down him or find him a home. However, it was very difficult to look for a home for a wild animal. Everything got stuck until Mike Trowler, a retired engineer appeared.

Mike said that he was impressed by fox behavior and spent his time dealing with them. For this reason, Mike took Cropper home and nursed him back to health. In addition to taking care of injured foxes, he also helps orphaned fox cubs and fosters them until they can be come back into the wild.

During the time at his new house, Cropper was cared by Mike’s patience, love and determination and became a member of Mike’s family. He often stolen food from the dog’s dish, played with the cats and loved to curl up with Mike. The two quickly formed an unlikely friendship and the video below will show you their incredible story.

Watch the video of Mike and Cropper below!

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