Sweet Dog Who Survived Being Cruelly Beaten & Shot In The Face Wins Everyone’s Hearts

It’s almost unfathomable to think about some of the things dogs have overcome, because for whatever reason when humans are cruel, dogs are an easy target. An incredible miracle dog who survived being cruelly beaten and shot in the face has left viewers of ITV’s ‘This Morning’ overcome with emotion.

Millie the dog was attacked by a group of children when she was still a puppy, only a few months old. Her face was completely bashed in before the kids decided to shoot her in the face multiple times, trying to kill her.

It’s literally the sort of cruelty to this dog that makes normal people sick to the stomach. How could anyone think of doing any of that to an innocent dog, or any animal for that matter?

But incredible Millie didn’t die. Although, as a result of the horrific attack, the poor dog was left severely deformed.

She suffered blunt force trauma to her nose, which means she no longer has a snout, and the dog unbelievably has two bullets remaining in her head still today. Knowing all that, it’s easy to understand how this dog’s story could impact anyone with a heart.

Scroll down to meet Millie and see why she won the hearts of millions of morning TV viewers.

Check out Millie on ‘This Morning’ below!

Millie has become the perfect advocate for all forgotten, abandoned and abused pets.

And people are in love with her.



Good girl, Millie! May you have the happiest life ever!

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